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A tabletop role-playing game.

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  • One system, all genres. 
  • Easy to learn, rewards teamwork and critical thinking.
  • Quick resolution. This game is fast and smooth, like a cheetah.
  • No ability scores.
  • No classes.
  • Dice pool. You can roll any type of die. 
  • All conflicts/combats are resolved with one roll of the dice by each player. 
  • Story first, with enough crunch for mouth feel.
  • One system that can be used to tell any type of story. 
  • Built around storytelling and creating interesting arcs for the characters.
  • Little to no set up time needed between sessions.
  • Made because we wanted a game that could adapt to any type of story, where combat didn't take forever, but was still fun.
  • Inspired by Dungeon World, Fate, Apocalypse World, Blades in the Dark.
  • Playsheets are included.
  • 150+ pages of anything!


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Character Sheet Fillable.pdf 513 kB
Character Sheet.pdf 300 kB
Quartermaster and Storyteller.pdf 155 kB
Planner and Navigator.pdf 107 kB
Building and Businesses First Edition.pdf 154 kB
Town Sheet.pdf 161 kB
Building and Businesses Fillable.pdf 168 kB
Planner and Navigator Fillable.pdf 254 kB
Quartermaster and Storyteller Fillable.pdf 300 kB
Town Sheet Fillable.pdf 314 kB
Narrator Sheet V2 Fillable.pdf 655 kB
Narrator Sheet V2.pdf 366 kB
The Anything Machine Spreads D2.pdf 20 MB
The Anything Machine Pages D2.pdf 23 MB
The Quest Machine sample pages.pdf 24 MB

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Thank you! We appreciate the feedback :)